Clipa Travel Accessory Works Where Others Hangers Can’t

Gift for the Traveler

Gift for the Traveler

So many times, there just isn’t a convenient place to put your personal bag when you’re traveling. But Clipa makes life so much easier because unlike other purse hangers, it just needs a half inch of space to hang your satchel, purse or backpack. That means it works in unlikely places, like the pencil thin edge shown here, as well as fixtures, small openings, rails–pretty much anywhere you want to keep your carry-on bag off the ground and away from germs, water, dirt and more. To see the new Clipa2 handbag hanger 30 second video, just click on the image.

Fall Style Fixes: Fox 5 San Diego Includes Clipa

In its Fall Fashion Fixes & Tricks segment yesterday, Fox 5 San Diego covered Clipa. At the end of the 5 minute piece, the instant handbag hanger was lauded for how much weight it could hold and how many places it works. See Merilee Kern from The Luxe List discuss this clever must have and other cool accessories by clicking on the image

Clipa: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide Pick for the Indiana Chronicle

This week, the Indiana Chronicle chose the Clipa instant handbag hanger as a top pick for Mother’s Day. Writer Mel McMahon says, “compared to other purse clips, Clipa gives me the most confidence in being able to hold heavier and larger bags. Clipa clasps directly on your purse strap, so you don’t have to dig through your purse to find it!”To read more about what makes America’s purse hanger such a great gift, please click on the image.

Clipa Featured On America Now with Leeza Gibbons & Bill Rancic

America Now is a nightly syndicated half hour news program that airs weekdays in 45 markets in the U.S. America Now ranks among the top first-run syndicated shows on the air. Clipa was featured on today’s program, Wednesday September 19th, on the product segment Does It Work? The instant handbag hanger received a “thumbs up” for product performance and usefulness. To watch, click on the image.

Hanging Out At The Mall with Clipa

Sometimes there isn’t a chair in the dressing room (or, annovingly, enough hooks for the clothes you’re trying on). The Clipa purse hanger works in many places here:

On a ledge or shelf as shown
The door if no hook is available
From the wall
The back of a repositionable mirror
Fixtures, bars and rails

Keep your bag off the floor and in your line of sight when trying on new clothes from the fall 2012 collections with the instant handbag hanger.

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