Falling for the pink Clipa for a Cure

We’re seeing the pink Clipa for a Cure purse hanger alot this fall. Here’s Un-Ju Park of Mission Viejo, California showing her support with a pink Clipa on her Skip Hop diaper bag. Pretty in pink, this special edition instant handbag hanger looks perfect on her light grey bag. It’ll come in handy at this pumpkin patch on rails, rides, eating and more. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: this month and every month, Topcor donates 10% of the retail price of every pink Clipa sold to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. unju

Clipa Purse Hanger for Concerts, Plays, Movies & More

Along with cooler weather comes Oscar-worthy movies, new plays, concerts, the symphony, the ballet. Clipa makes all these events even more enjoyable by keeping your handbag off the floor and off your lap. The Clipa handbag hanger works on chair arms, the seat in front of you, rails, posts, cup holders, and, depending upon the size of your purse, even between seats. Comes in handy before the event at restaurants, during intermission at the bar, and in the ladies room. Getting a cup of coffee or nightcap afterwards? Take your Clipa purse hook. For added bling, go with one of the styles from The Crystal Clipa Collection, featuring stunning Swarovski Elements: clipaconcert1

Think Pink: Clipa for a Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support with our pink “Clipa for a Cure” instant handbag hanger. We’ll donate 10% of the retail price of every pink Clipa sold to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Over 90% of all The BCRF’s donation dollars go directly to research grants and programs. thinkpinklowres

Made in USA: What Manufacturing Clipa Here Means

At a time when 70% of American jewelry production and 97% of American clothing production is done overseas, we’re making Clipa here in the USA. Here’s why:

1. Better quality control. Because we’re in the premium accessory business, our products must meet the highest quality standards. By producing locally, we have control at every step in the process.

2. Improved lead times to customers and stores. Because transit times are quicker, our handbag hangers get to stores faster. Instead of spending time on a container ship, they’re on store shelves.

Clipa is Made in the USA

Clipa is Made in the USA

3. Lower shipping costs. Because we have lower shipping costs, we pass that savings on to customers. On average, shipping costs just $3.25 for a single online order. Buy 3 and it ships free anywhere in the U.S.

4. Reducing the carbon footprint. Because there are no containers crossing oceans or wait times in harbors burning fossil fuels, our carbon footprint is lower.

5. Keeping jobs in the U.S. By manufacturing at our facility in Irvine, California, we’re employing local workers. People like Maribel, our manufacturing lead, who oversees production. Carrie, our graphic designer. And Abigail, assembling our newest line, the Crystal Clipa Collection. Whether its manufacturing, customer service, sales, marketing, distribution or design, it happens here in Orange County, California. And that helps our local economy. Doing what we believe is right means doing it in the USA. We greatly appreciate your support.

The New Crystal Clipa Collection Is Here!

Ice is Twice as Nice!

Ice is Twice as Nice!

We’re so excited to introduce this collection. 3 large, round cut clear Swarovski crystals in graduated sizes adorn each Clipa arm. Swarovski’s exclusive Xilion cut technology uses alternating large and small facets, resulting in higher reflection and greater shine. A total of 6 Swarovski crystals are individually set into chambers on each Clipa for lasting brilliance. Elegant and sophisticated, these crystal Clipas look incredible against dark or light bags, adding just the right amount of sparkle! To buy, please visit our products page:

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