Today’s the Busiest for FedEx

Clipa's handy at counters

Today is the busiest of the year for shipping giant FedEx. More than 17 million packages will be going via FedEx today and if you’re filling out forms, Clipa works on the counter at most post offices and mailing centers. If you’re mailing Clipas for the holidays, you’ll appreciate our slim, compact design and efficient packaging because it costs less to ship. And each Clipa weighs just 2 two ounces. It’s true: good things come in small packages!

Laga Bags Handbag Giveway!

When Clipa reaches 2,000 “likes” on Facebook, we’ll give away $400 in prizes including this Laga handbag! Simply like our page on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win. One lucky winner will get the Laga handbag plus a “Chloe” Clipa! More than a dozen others will win a polished silver purse hanger while helping to spread the word about Laga handbags.

On December 26, 2004, the Indonesian disaster killed over 285,000. Survivors were left jobless, homeless and devastated. Seven years later, many still are. Roy and Louise van Broekhuizen launched Laga Handbags to help the people of Indonesia rebuild their lives by selling their handbags. Roy & Louise do not take a salary. Their goal is simply to end the suffering; to help the survivors rebuild the many lives torn apart by the tsunami. In Aceh, Indonesia, Laga Handbags is a haven of hope, peace and refuge for the victims of disaster who are slowly rebuilding their homes and their lives – one handmade handbag at a time.

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