Clipa: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide Pick for the Indiana Chronicle

This week, the Indiana Chronicle chose the Clipa instant handbag hanger as a top pick for Mother’s Day. Writer Mel McMahon says, “compared to other purse clips, Clipa gives me the most confidence in being able to hold heavier and larger bags. Clipa clasps directly on your purse strap, so you don’t have to dig through your purse to find it!”To read more about what makes America’s purse hanger such a great gift, please click on the image.

Something borrowed

Some things are just too good to keep to yourself. We love hearing stories like “when my friend saw my Clipa purse hanger, she had to have it” or “my cousin was visiting and just fell in love with it so I gave her mine.” For these ever generous friends and family members, it’s a reason to treat themselves to a new finish or color or design a Custom Crystal Clipa to go on a beloved bag. And it’s all theirs…for awhile, at least.

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