Clipa Conquers Comic-Con

We love the pop culture phenom that is Comic-Con. For 130,000 attendees, it’s nerdvana. For Clipa, it’s just another day conquering germs in the universe. For the last 3 years heroes, superheroes, antiheroes and others have discovered Clipa, the strongest purse hanger on the planet made right here in Southern California.

Clipa for Sightseeing

Vacations can mean sightseeing on tour buses, trams, trolleys, cable cars and trains. With people hopping on and off, floors can get dirty fast. Use Clipa on the seat in front of you or on cup holders, rails, food trays or armrests in your seat. Zippered purses that are directly in front of you or next to you and a friend or a wall where you can always see it offers peace of mind and comfort. With the Clipa purse hanger, you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Ready for the Weekend!

‘Headed to the beach, lake or river this weekend? Anytime you’re in the car, the Clipa purse hanger can keep those soft sided coolers or big beach totes from tipping over when you hit the brakes. Great for shopping bags & cameras too!

Great for coolers & diaper bags

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