The Sugar Tree Calls Again

The call came from Gene, “They’re ready, I just picked a hundred and there are at least 500 more”. I thought about the work ahead. It was early this year, mid November. Usually they weren’t ready til December. I like picking them but slicing and drying is a lot of work and messy if they are really ripe. Everyone loves the sweet orange chips. Andys Hachiya persimmon tree is huge, 40ft tall and loaded with orange sugar balls. Climbing the tree with a canvas bag in one hand and a Clipa in my pocket, I was ready this year. I had both hands free to pick and hang onto limbs since the Clipa was hanging the bag from a branch. My handy bag hanger made it easy to pick and gently collect the jelly fruit.

The Sugar Tree

The Sugar Tree

Fox News Channel 4 Shows Clipa

My Fox Dallas/Fort Worth showed the Clipa on the “Save Me Steve” segment. His “Get Organized in 2010” starts off with our handbag hanger saying “this one in particular we like because it works” “non-wobbly, non-slip”, “stays on your handbag”. About a minute. save-me-steve-get-organized-in-2010

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