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Clipa Tops The List for Travel Gifts

November 28th, 2010 Comments off

For The Charlotte Observer, the Clipa instant handbag hanger is a top pick for travel gifts. The new Crystal Clipa Collection was featured in this morning’s article: “your gal can glam up her handbag, tote or backpack (and keep it off the floor) with luggage jewelry in polished silver, gold or hematite, triple plated for durability and catching the light with six sparkly Swarovski crystals. When not on your bag, Clipa can be slipped onto the wrist.” Check it out:

The Clipa Purse Hanger: Top Pick for Travelers

The Clipa Purse Hanger: Top Pick for Travelers

Tampa Examiner: If Your Purse Could Talk

November 21st, 2010 Comments off

This morning, the Tampa Bay Examiner ran an article about the germs found on floors in restaurants and bathrooms: “to protect yourself and your family, you should take measures to keep your purse and other personal property off the floor…One stylish option is the Clipa.” With its attractive price point, versatility and quality, the article concludes that the Clipa purse hanger “makes an unusual, affordable and practical gift.” Check it out:

Keep your bag off the floor with Clipa

Keep your bag off the floor with Clipa

Crystal Clipa Purse Hangers on ABC News

November 10th, 2010 Comments off

The Swarovski studded Crystal Clipas were featured today on ABC News in a “Good to Know” segment about top fashion accessories. Said guest style expert Pamela Pekerman:“it’s the new version of a purse hanger. It’s the hook that always stays on your bag and it holds up to 45 pounds. I love it and you don’t even notice, but you can double it as a bracelet.” Check it out: top-fashion-accessories-abc-news

Clipa Purse Hanger for Concerts, Plays, Movies & More

October 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Along with cooler weather comes Oscar-worthy movies, new plays, concerts, the symphony, the ballet. Clipa makes all these events even more enjoyable by keeping your handbag off the floor and off your lap. The Clipa handbag hanger works on chair arms, the seat in front of you, rails, posts, cup holders, and, depending upon the size of your purse, even between seats. Comes in handy before the event at restaurants, during intermission at the bar, and in the ladies room. Getting a cup of coffee or nightcap afterwards? Take your Clipa purse hook. For added bling, go with one of the styles from The Crystal Clipa Collection, featuring stunning Swarovski Elements: clipaconcert1