Lead Found In Reusable Shopping Bags Imported from China

Yesterday’s USA Today story about dangerous levels of lead in non-woven-polypropylene grocery bags prompted calls today for increased scrutiny of these imports from China. Safeway, Walgreens, Giant, Staples, and Bloom were among the chains whose bags were found to contain lead. Cotton cloth bags are suggested as a safe alternative. Also safe: Clipa. It’s made in the U.S. from certified sources so there’s no “mystery metal” to worry about. It’s also been independently lab tested for hazardous materials.


Catching a Cab? Don’t catch a cold!

With flu season in full swing, keeping your handbag off the ground and away from germs has never been more important. A quick dab of hand sanitizer after getting into a cab helps; so does keeping your shopping bags and purse off of surfaces. The pull strap in cabs is handy for this. Simply open one end of the Clipa purse hanger and hang your bags from it. This keeps contents in place during sudden stops and prevents contact with the floor which is often wet. Happy travels!

Clipa is great in taxis

Clipa is great in taxis

New Year, New Uses

It’s a new year and that can mean visits for annual physical exams, dental visits or doctor’s exams. Whether you’re getting a chiropractic adjustment or having your blood drawn, Clipa instantly works on counters, shelves, tables, chairs and other places. The Clipa purse hanger keeps your handbag off the floor and away from germs (important this time of year) so you don’t take them home with you. Here’s to your health in 2011!blooddrawn

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