Encounters with Counters

Did you know that sometimes a Clipa will fit under a counter that seems too thick at first glance? Many of these countertops are molded pieces that appear to be solid but are actually hollow. Here’s how to do it: open a Clipa and tuck it under the bottom of the counter first . Very often, it will fit. Tucking it up under the molding first sometimes gives you just the space you need. To take the world’s most versatile purse hanger off, simply reach under and tilt the Clipa out. This trick works on curved counters and many sinks too; discover other great uses by clicking on the image.

Up, Up and Not Away!

People have been known to hang purses, grocery bags even restaurant takeout from the passenger seat headrest using the Clipa hanger. Now, kids are finding it handy for the their most beloved traveling companions: balloons. When tied to a Clipa, balloons stay secure and out of the driver’s way. This multitasking handbag hook can also be used to keep bagged sports equipment or dry cleaning upright behind the seat. Discover more ways to use Clipa by clicking on the image

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