Metallic bags sparkle with Crystal Clipa Jenna

Simple elegance: we'll drink to that

Whether its a daytime wedding or a black tie evening affair, metallic bags and clutches are everywhere. Many small special occasion purses feature satin cords, chains or leather straps. Hanging from a shoulder and tucking neatly away, they free up your hands to hold a drink and an appetizer plate. If you have a wrap or shawl that you’re holding closed with one hand, strappy little purses can be especially useful as can Clipa, which works on seats and pews in churches and other houses of worship. Use Clipa at the table during the reception or dinner; there’s generally very little room on the tabletop at a formal affair. The Crystal Clipa Jenna (shown) and our other Swarovski studded models add sparkle to any event..

Clipa Purse Hanger for Cloth Bags

Polished gold Clipa on Sally Spicer bag

This time of year, those favorite cloth, canvas, linen, quilted, straw and nylon bags come out to play. Keep them looking their best with a Clipa instant handbag hanger. Germs, water and dirt won’t have a chance and light colored bags won’t get discolored!

Ruby Red: Our Juiciest Clipa Ever

Just in time for summer comes our limited edition “Ruby” red Clipa instant handbag hanger. This sizzling deep hue adds a polished pop of color to beach bags, prints, straw, linen and other seasonal purses. Looks ravishing on a tan tote, intriguing on black patent bag for night. Ruby’s only available for a limited time–there are less than a hundred–and is $19.99. To get yours, call (888) 804-0661 Monday-Friday, 9 to 5 Pacific Standard Time. Like those shiny red candied apples from the county fair, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Camping with Clipa

Camping season’s officially underway and as our fans know, Clipa can be very handy in the great outdoors. The instant handbag hanger’s wider opening means it can be used on those thick picnic tables. Hang your bag on ledges, edges, shelves and other places in campground bathrooms when brushing your teeth and washing your face. Clipa is also great for hiking and fishing and can hang from trees and chairs. If your campground has showers, the Clipa purse hanger is a lifesaver. Enjoy your Clipas, Happy Campers!

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