Pedi Ready

Summer often means girls night out, lunch at cafes, movies, shopping, and of course, pedicures. Thanks to its circular shape and clever design, Clipa works at all those places and big salon chairs–including Mystique–often found in nail salons. You can use the world’s most versatile purse hanger in the waiting area before your appointment then slip it on the side table during your pedicure. Afterwards, use it when you’re out and about to keep your bag looking great and protected from germs, water and dirt. See more uses by clicking on the image.

Clipa for Ceremonies

For commencement ceremonies and weddings, nothing beats Clipa: a thoughtful gift they’ll use for years. High school grads can use Clipa over the summer at the movies and sporting events then clip it to a backpack when they start school in the fall. College grads can use it at their new jobs, at lunch and when traveling. For brides, Clipa makes a great gift for the bridal party and new in laws. During the ceremony, it can be used on the pews at many houses of worship then later at the reception. ‘Carrying a clutch or wristlet? Many have straps so they can be hung from a Clipa purse hanger in a changing area, on a bathroom stall, bar, chair or table. It’ll keep that clutch clean (many are made of silk) and off the table, so you’ll have room for that slice of cake!

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