Clipa & Travel Goods Showcase

The September issue of Travel Goods Showcase features Topcor’s Mike Sweeney discussing how the company is reducing its carbon footprint. The “Going Green” article covers fulfillment materials, power, natural lighting, recycling, and more. Referring to the Clipa purse hanger, “our product was designed to be very efficient to manufacture,” he says. “It has to be. It’s made in the U.S. and has to compete against items produced by low cost offshore labor.” Read more:

Complement Your handbag, Get Compliments

A bag’s zipper pulls, clasps and other fittings are usually polished silver (think Coach), gold (Louis Vuitton) or hematite (Burberry). But what if your bag has nickel fittings? You can complement your bag’s hardware with Sienna, our brushed silver model. ‘Have bronze details? The brushed gold Katie (shown), blends in perfectly. By complementing your bag’s hardware, Clipa looks like it’s part of the bag. So the bag is what’s noticed. Whether your bag is Ted Baker, B. Makowsky or anything else, let your bag shine with the instant handbag hanger.

In a tight spot? Clipa can help you out

Sometimes, there just isn’t alot of room to hang your purse. With Clipa, you don’t need alot: just a quarter inch. Some purse hangers require up to 2 inches for a resting surface and use heavy components. With Clipa, there’s nothing to weigh you down, no need to search in your bag, nothing to unwind. Just open one end and hang your bag. That’s it. One hand is all you need. Clipa’s slim profile means it can be used in small openings and the pads are non-slip for great surface contact. When it comes to edges and ledges, Clipa’s off the hook.

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