Clipa Featured on San Diego 6 TV’s Spring Travel Segment

Traveling for Spring break? The Luxe List’s Merilee Kern recommended Clipa during a segment for XETV San Diego CW Channel 6. Calling the innovative circular purse hook “very simple but brilliant”, she noted Clipa’s superior design saying it “really holds on nearly anywhere, it’s incredible.” Check it out:

Spring Cleaning Your Pantry or Fridge? Here’s How Clipa Can Help

You’ve probably clipped it to the passenger seat headrest to keep handbags and grocery bags from tipping over but Clipa is also helpful when it’s time to clean out the pantry. Simply attach a grocery bag and clip it over the door while you’re purging the shelves. By hanging it from the door, back of a chair or a shelf, you’ll have more room to work. Bonus: if you have a (hungry) dog, they may not be able to get into things while you’re working. See other ways to use the instant handbag hanger in our 2 minute video. Much more than a purse hook, Clipa is a handy clip that helps out in all sorts of situations.

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