Springing for a new bag?

Springing for a new bag?

This season’s bags feature fresh colors and smaller silhouettes so if you’re thinking of springing for a new one, remember that every handbag needs a little TLC to look its best. Extend the life of your new purchase with a Clipa bag hanger. It stays right on the bag strap, D rings or even around your wrist, ready for use. To hang your purse, simply open either end and hang it from almost anywhere: outdoor cafes, rails, changing or dressing rooms, restaurant tables and hundreds of other places. When you’re ready to go, simply pull the bag strap and Clipa slides back onto the bag with an audible click! The instant bag hanger prevents contact with germs, water, dirt and worse. All finishes are just $16.99, including our newest, matte black. See them all here: https://www.clipa.us/matte-black-pvd

For dining out (or girl’s night out), take Clipa along

New dining concepts are opening everywhere and if you’re going out to one, be sure to take the #1 bag hanger with you. Clipa doesn’t require a metal table or even a flat surface to hold your purse. The instant handbag hanger holds a hefty 33 lbs from beveled bar tops, slick marble counters, wood tables even upholstered chairs. When you’re finished, just pull the bag strap and Clipa slides back onto your purse handle or strap with an audible click! Discover all 8 styles at: https://www.clipa.us/clipa-shop.html

Fall fun made easier with Clipa

Hayrides, apple picking, playground meetups–autumn is an exciting time to get outdoors and celebrate the change of seasons. A Clipa instant bag hanger can make your adventures easier, cleaner and less of a hassle because it hangs bags, backpacks, umbrellas and scarves in flash. Simply open either end and use it on:

  • Horizontal playground surfaces
  • Vertical posts
  • Rails
  • Tables with raised edges

Not all purse hooks can even work on such varied structures but the Clipa can. It will also hold bags up to 33 lbs., and features an automatic closure system so when you’re done snapping photos or eating, you can just grab and go. There’s even an audible “click” as the two ends come back together. One handed operation makes it ideal for rainy days, too. And if you’re going to a Halloween party, a Clipa makes a boo-tiful gift your hostess will fall for. See all 7 styles now at www.clipa.us or just click on the photo.

Ready, set, jet with Clipa

Ready, set, jet with Clipa

‘Flying again soon? Protect your handbag, business bag or backpack against viruses, germs, water and dirt with the Clipa instant bag hanger. It opens automatically then closes back into a ring when you’re finished.

From checking in at the counter or kiosk, using a luggage cart (Clipa works on rails too) and renting at the car counter, there are lots of times you just don’t want to put your bag on the ground, including:

  • Airport waiting areas
  • Sinks
  • Airplane lavatory handles
  • Tables in restaurants, bars and communal areas

You’ll also find it handy in public restrooms, private lounges and, if you’re renting a car, hanging items from the car’s passenger seat headrest post (front or back). Great for restaurant carryout, too.

Discover more possibilities at: https://www.clipa.us/how-it-works.html

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