Clipa celebrates 15 years

Clipa celebrates 15 years

In 2009, we introduced the Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger after two years of development. Countless hours of design work, prototypes, force tests, field work, focus group testing, and much more went into its creation.

Although purse styles have come and gone, Clipa’s ease of use, durability and versatility remains a constant.

We are beyond grateful for our loyal fans and for your feedback over the years. We hear you. We know that your world is in your bag, whether it’s a purse, backpack, messenger, or crossbody. You’re the reason we’re here and why, as a small, family-owned business, we’ll continue to work hard for the next 15 years.

Thank you!

Ready, set, jet with Clipa

Ready, set, jet with Clipa

‘Flying again soon? Protect your handbag, business bag or backpack against viruses, germs, water and dirt with the Clipa instant bag hanger. It opens automatically then closes back into a ring when you’re finished.

From checking in at the counter or kiosk, using a luggage cart (Clipa works on rails too) and renting at the car counter, there are lots of times you just don’t want to put your bag on the ground, including:

  • Airport waiting areas
  • Sinks
  • Airplane lavatory handles
  • Tables in restaurants, bars and communal areas

You’ll also find it handy in public restrooms, private lounges and, if you’re renting a car, hanging items from the car’s passenger seat headrest post (front or back). Great for restaurant carryout, too.

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