Cargo Ships Piling Up? Buy American

With the port strike entering its second week and costing the nation’s economy nearly a billion dollars a day, American made products look better than ever. U.S. manufacturers offer fast, reliable delivery of quality products like the Clipa purse hanger. As the cargo ships pile up in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach–where an estimated 40% of all product enters the U.S.–it’s worth remembering that gifts made here keep jobs here.

Nationalist Names Clipa Top 20 Products Made in USA

The July 2012 issue of The Nationalist Magazine features an article on the Top 20 Products Made in America. Coming in at number 7 is the Clipa purse hanger. This sleek handbag accessory has been tested to last for 10 years of daily use as well as independently lab tested to hold far more than its stated weight of 45 lbs. Made from certified sources, Clipa’s clever design is gaining fans worldwide while supporting American jobs.

65% of High-End Shoppers Prefer to Buy American

According to a study released by American Express and The Harrison Group, 65% of high-end shoppers now prefer to buy American. That’s good news for companies who make their products in the U.S. Brands like Tiffany & Co., whose jewelry is made in the U.S., and Topcor, where each Clipa is made in house in Irvine, CA. Worldwide, American made products are coveted for their high quality. Last week, a study by J.D. Power & Associates showed American loyalty to U.S. car manufacturers is rising. As Time Magazine noted in this week’s article, Is Made in America Back in Style? a preference for American made products seems to be returning.

Conscious Consumption: Buying Things That Last

American FlagIt’s still possible to buy quality handbags and accessories made in the USA. Clipa’s raw materials are sourced in the USA, manufactured here, assembled here and keep jobs here. But there’s also a bonus: it’s made to last. Clipa purse hangers last for 10 years of daily use 3-4 times a day. Because it lasts longer, won’t tarnish and never needs polishing, it’s a smart buy. See it and other Made in America products at

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