Clipa at Kinko’s


Getting copies made means moving around the self service area, setting up payment, checking the bins and scooping up copies. Since the top of the copier has to be opened and closed, often there’s not a good place to put your handbag…unless you have a Clipa purse hanger. With its slim profile, it can hook over a divider wall, hang from a work table or go onto a railing. No matter how it’s hung, a bag that uses a Clipa stays in your sight and off your back while you’re working  Our 2-minute video shows more uses; click to watch.

Working 9 to 5

No matter what hours or where you work, Clipa can make your job easier. Its slim profile squeezes into unusual locations (think nooks, window sills and loft rails) as well as familiar places: cubicle walls, desks, drawer pulls, bookshelves, even cabinet tops. Discoveirng new places to hang your handbag can free up valuable working space. With the Clipa purse hanger, you can create, collaborate, return calls and email with abandon, all while keeping your handbag within reach.

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