Take Clipa to Star Wars

Tonight at midnight, Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in select theaters nationwide and in wide release tomorrow. If you’re planning to see it, be sure to take Clipa along with you. The instant handbag hanger works on regular theater seats–the ones in front of you plus your drink cup holder–as well as on deluxe cinema tray tables. It also works in bathroom stall doors without a hook as well as sinks, rails and divider walls. Wear it as a bracelet then use it after the movie at restaurants, coffee houses and cafes: if you have a cross body bag, you can hook the Clipa through the D and O rings on your purse then hang it as usual. Free up your lap for popcorn at all your movies this holiday season with the Clipa. Makes a great gift for the movie lover too! Watch our 36 second “how it works” video by clicking on the top image or visit us at www.clipa.us

Minimalist Accessory for Maximum Use

The whole point of having a purse hook is being able to use it when you really need it. Often, that means places where old-fashioned hangers just won’t work. As these photos show, most won’t hang off a thick drink cup holder or work on a thin railing. They are designed to work primarily on tables. But think of all the places you go all year long. Being able to hang your bag on a boat while you snap a photo or hook it over a stall wall in a public restroom just makes sense. Hanging your bag off of a drink cup holder at a sports arena or in a theater makes things easier. Preventing contact with germs, water and dirt keeps bacteria away while it extends the life of your bag. Whether you’re carrying a beloved designer purse or a simple backpack, keep it clean, dry and beautiful with the world’s most versatile bag holder: Clipa. To read testimonials now, simply click on the image.

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