Washing Worries Down The Drain

Every once in awhile, we’ll be washing our hands in a public restroom and see it: a woman trying to keep her handbag from sliding off her shoulder while washing up. Trying to pump soap, preventing the water from shutting off automatically and keeping a purse from falling into a wet sink can be delicate balancing act. And if she’s helping children wash their hands or toting shopping bags, it’s even harder. Requiring just a quarter inch of hang space, Clipa actually works on dispensers like this (and many other ones) in most restrooms. Most purse hangers need much more surface area to hang a handbag this way but Clipa does the job instantly. And because it’s designed for easy, one handed operation from your bag strap, the instant handbag hanger is super fast to use, too. You’ll be on your way faster than you can say “where did I park the car?” To see why washing thoroughly is critical, check out this week’s report about contaminated cell phones by clicking on the image above.

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