June is the most popular month to marry. A thoughtful “thank you” gift tops the bride’s list; if you’re a guest, it’s a go-to accessory to make the Big Day easier. A Clipa bag hanger bracelet is a great gift for the bride-to-be, her bridesmaids and family. Why? It’s elegant, beautifully made jewelry that can be used at the ceremony and the reception. Hang purses from pews, benches and seats during the ceremony so you can snap photos and keep your bag off the floor or ground. Afterwards, use it at the bar and dining tables as well as restroom sinks, stall walls and doors. Of course, Clipa is a must-have for the honeymoon: ideal for airplane lavatories (works on the rails there) and tray tables, cruise ships (great for gaming tables and shore excursions), and while traveling to exotic destinations (perfect for hanging handbags, day packs and bags up to 33 lbs while eating, shopping and exploring). Just 1.6 oz. Available in 6 finishes to perfectly match your handbag’s hardware, just $15.99 each. To see them now, simply click on the image or visit www.clipa.us

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