Gyms, indoor pools and recreational centers can carry strep, staph, bacteria and germs. Resolve to stay healthier in 2013 by limiting your gym bag’s contact with surfaces. The bottom of lockers often contain microcrobes–that where shoes are typically placed–and where your bag often goes. If you can hang your bag, great. If not, use sanitizer or a put a paper towel down before placing your bag in. In the workout area, wipe down equipment before and after use with antibacterial wipes or a towel. Wash hands before opening up your locker again and use sandals when showering. Keep your bag off wet, dirty surfaces with a Clipa bag hanger. It works in shower and changing areas, bathrooms, the sink and dressing areas too. After you leave the gym, use antibacterial hand spray. Some can be drying but many brands now contain moisturizer for cold, dry winter months.

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