We make every Clipa purse hanger in Orange County, California. People are often surprised about that. Southern California does a lot of manufacturing and has a fantastic infrastructure that can perform virtually any process known to man. We wanted to take advantage of this so we set up shop, a manufacturing shop in Irvine. There we assemble the parts we have designed and have made by primarily local manufacturers. The farthest flung supplier for parts resides in America’s heartland. These parts are small and lightweight so the environmental impact of shipping them to California is minimal.

While Southern California is not known for low cost manufacturing, it can be very competitive. Our Clipa bracelet purse hanger was designed in Laguna Beach to be made in California. We chose extremely efficient advanced manufacturing processes to minimize labor content and provide high quality products.

By producing our product locally and controlling every detail, we can confidently state that there are no toxic materials in a Clipa purse hanger. Companies that manufacture overseas don’t have the same level of control and occasionally have unpleasant toxic material surprises.

Topcor is proud to be making products in our local community and is committed to providing innovative, durable, useful and safe products to our customers.

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