On March 23rd, we started our fun “Guess the Weight” contest. The Clipa crew filled a huge bag with items that ranged from light to heavy and asked you to “guess the weight.” We received guesses from all over the country. Many of you already know that Clipa holds 45 pounds but it also has wide safety margin built in! So, how much was in that bag? An amazing 53 pounds! And who came closest without going over?

Cathy Chaney is our winner with her guess of 42 pounds. Cathy wins a “Kim” Clipa for herself PLUS one for her best friend. “Kim” is our new, eye-catching black Clipa that comes alive in sunlight or direct light. Thousands of glittering, sparkly particles gleam within its finish. Congratulations, Cathy!kim-close-up-small

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